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Historic Interest Car Certification

Abel Foundation and John de Lacerda, through Caramulo Museum and the Ordinance 1101/94, It is officially recognized as an official entity Historic Interest Car Certification.

According to the Order 10298/2001, and the legislative update occurred on 29 November 2017, by Decree-Law 144/2017, the Certified vehicles as Historic Interest Vehicle over 30 years, from the date of manufacture, are free Periodic Inspection Required, a partir de 1 January 2018, according to the following table:

  •   Up until 1918 – 10 years
  •   From 1919 a 1945 – 8 years
  •   From 1946 a 1959 – 6 years
  •   From 1960 – 6 years
  •   From 1961 a 1988 – 4 years

Although not without compulsory periodic inspection can be considered Historical Interest in the following table Car:

  • Classics future - 2 years

The delivered certificate attests to the quality as Historic Car and allows the recognition of the same as Classic in case of conflict, particularly from the insurers.


Requests for information / Certification may be made to the Directorate of FIAT Club of Portugal, if the club is associated. All applications must contain the following information:

  •  Local pretendido
  •  Data pretendida
  •  Brand
  •  Model
  •  Year
  •  Registration
  •  E-mail
  •  Phone
  •  Photos with good quality (in JPG format, JPEG, GIF or TIF) front, side, Rear, apron, the front and rear seats (without covers), Tailgate inside (empty), engine compartment; 3/4 front with visible registration;
  • Copy of vehicle documents including final inspection.



certification costs

  •  Classics On request the FIAT Clube de Portugal
  •  Future Classics On request the FIAT Clube de Portugal
  • Certification Board for dashboard (optional) €17,00 (shipping costs included)

Check points in Certifications:


  • bodywork – You should have no changes. It must be well cared for, no rust or dents points. A pintura, chrome, rubbers and glasses should be in good condition, risk-free and uniform in color.
  • Hood – In convertible vehicles, cowlings should be perfectly functional and without presenting tears or any other deterioration.
  • upholstery – The upholstery and interior lined, They must be in good condition, without tears and according to the model materials. Instruments – The instruments must be original, in good working order and conservation (Inside cleaning).
  • Glass cleaner – The entire system must be in perfect working order and brushes with glass of water removal capacity.
  • Lighting – The headlights and tail lights should be the vehicle of time, suitable brand, in perfect working order and equal to each other when in pairs. In the case of older vehicles, They may be mounted "flashers" Supplementary, since it does not damage the structure of the vehicle.
  • Chassis – The chassis must present yourself clean and be well maintained.
    Suspension – The suspension system must work properly and be original.
  • Rodados – The wheels should be in good condition, with their caps, where appropriate, the tires must be according to the measure of the documents and should be equal to each other, in terms of size and brand.
  • Direction – The steering wheel must be the original or extra time and may not be slack.
    brakes – The brakes should be in perfect working order and efficiency.
  • Motor – The engine must be in good condition, clean, no oil leakage, no loud noises and without exaggerated smoke emissions. Fuel System – The fuel system must be original.
  • Streaming – Transmission should be presented clean, lubricated and well kept.
  • Electric system – The electrical system should be the original.
  • several – All extra inserted in the car, such as radios, additional headlights, antennas, etc., should be time and preferably be part of the brand's catalog.

If in doubt about the condition of the vehicle to be certified, Additional elements may be required to clarify the doubts.

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