The first Fiat logo was created by painter Giovanni Carpanetto turinense, from an advertisement. It was the design of a parchment made of brass. Rococo, which reflects the tastes of the time and the form of the first cars, very similar carriages. Brought in full corporate name of the company: Italian Factory Automobili Torino eo número do chassi do veículo. The acronym was not the official name of the company, but only mark the reserved product.


Two years later, production vehicle enters a final stage, leaving the appearance of carriage and becoming true car. Past features and the inscription are abandoned Fiat fails to have score. It is produced on a brass plate enamelled, where the letter A came with a bend at the top, leaving room for the letter T. Another striking feature of this logo was a rising sun, na placed bottom, that lit the acronym.


The symbol now represented not only the product, but the whole company. The new logo 1904 He left the social name spelled out and the chassis number, becomes oval with thicker markings on a Prussian blue background. For the first time, a partir do Fiat 24-32 HP, the symbol is placed above the radiator which, later, win the cuore name, (heart).


With the experiences gained in motor racing, the symbol 1921 arises in sports, SuperFiat of 12 cylinders. Registration and red on a white background, Round Stickers, also adopted in all cars 6 cylinders. This symbol would remain in successive years with little change in background colors and description.


In 1925, with the success of the first utility Fiat produced in large series, O Fiat 509, the logo is replaced by the acronym white over blue background.


In 1929, the company presents another utility to replace the 509. It is the Fiat 514, Adopting the mark, a different blue at the bottom, but similar to the previous.


Between 1931 e 1934, the logo is replaced by red and silver inscription. In this period, the company paralyzes their investments and cancels the provision of manufacturing resources for competitions. Or round symbol leaves, then, the racing world where he was born. Through the years 30, the radiator grille of the place, conceived as aerodynamic function, shield-shaped and vertical elements. And the brand follows the same line. A new rectangular symbol and accurately in the forms is created, with red background and white letters.


The version of the logo created in 1931 has undergone some changes 1932, with a more rounded shape at the edges, sendo utilizado no famous Table – the most popular car hitherto produzido.nas edges, sendo utilizado no famous Table – the most popular car so far produced.


In 1938, beginning of World War II, the rectangular symbol takes shape shield and is used in military representation vehicles. With features that guarantee the most prestigious brand, the logo and redesigned with larger and more rounded contour, used in new vehicles: O 1800 and 2100.


Since 1938 and almost thirty years, the rectangular logo does not undergo major changes, em more 1959, differs on new vehicles Fiat 1800 e no Fiat 2100. The models have features and prestigious logo become larger and more rounded contours. Cars propose a new very relevant mechanical, between what is observed the use of torsion bar in front axle, first adopted in a car Fiat.


A partir de 1965 Round logo (FIAT written in white on red background), reconquest dinner, without posing the square shield, em become official shield da house. It appears only on the sports models FIAT 850 Coupé e Spyder, Fiat Dino, 124 e 131 Abarth Rally. It is a symbol that recalls the clientele interested in great performance cars, the vocation and the competitiveness of FIAT in this field too.


In the years 60 Fiat quadruples its car production, and exports reach 150 countries worldwide. For these reasons, the company feels the need to unify the image of your brand. In 1968, with a modern and innovative graphic character, which is maintained until today, emerged the four inclined diamonds 18 degree with Fiat inscription on a blue background, (in the early years, the background used was black).


For the first time in front of Panda, arise the famous five vertical bars, they were used at the front of vehicle, suffering some variations as forward models. When the cinquecento was presented in Italy, the stylized bars were placed in front, and the four diamonds ago. Since then, vehicles of Fiat presented their brands in this way.


The 15th logo is a variant more modern style emblem used by the company in the years 20. He opened with pomp and ceremony in Turin, as part of the celebration festivities of the first centenary of the company. Designed by the Fiat Style Centre, It comes with the frame and inscription silver, with wider body of characters than historical symbols, on a dotted blue and opaque 72 mm diameter. The famous four inclined diamonds 18 degrees remain on the back of models as unmistakable signature of the company. The goal in relaunching the logo, and rightly associate the glories of that period, when their machines were unbeatable in motorsport competition, with the strength and modernity of this.